Punktierte Allee - Großer Tiergarten

Kleine Querallee, Großer Tiergarten, Berlin, 2008,
daily 0.00 - 24.00 Uhr

Funded by Senate Department Berlin

22 control unit install on 22 trees, control unit: pieco-speaker, accu, solarpanel, with programmed rhythm.


With their “Punktierte Allee” (Dotted Alley) sound installation, Roswitha von den Driesch & Jens-Uwe Dyffort are continuing a series of outdoor works that delves into the subject of landscapes that change over time, in this case that of the Große Tiergarten (the large Tiergarten park) in Berlin. They work with quiet loudspeaker-specific clicking sounds that behave like echo sounders in the immediate surroundings. Twenty-two button-sized Piezo loudspeakers, installed along the tree-lined “Kleinen Querallee”, are made to click through electric impulses. The reverberations of the clicking sounds and their horizontal, temporal diversification amplify the perception for the surrounding space within the landscaped architectonic configuration. It is acoustically “traced” and reshaped and expanded through motion. While developing the idea, Dyffort & von den Driesch had an image of a garden in mind that starts to ramble as soon as it is no longer landscaped.

©dyffort & driesch