Punktierte Umgebung

Parochialkirche, singuhr-hœrgalerie, Berlin 2001 / 2002, 0 - 24 h

4 speaker, 105 pieco-speaker, 105 relay, computer
Location: Environment around the Parochialkirche Berlin


"The Punktierte Umgebung (Dotted Surroundings) installation, also conceived for the Singuhr sound gallery, is mounted on the Parochial Church's outer facade and taps exactly this area of an aesthetic field that is determined by perception and surroundings. Modeled on the former Glockenspiel's automatic mechanism, sounds were played over loudspeakers in seven-and-a-half minute cycles that swirled around the tower of the church. Shunted to the rhythmic area all fragmented and transformed, these sounds then created variable metres that "traced" the entire church building. In order to create this effect, Dyffort und Driesch installed small piezo loudspeakers in correspondence with the architectonic structure of the façade of the church, which emitted repetitive impulses and quiet clicking sounds here and there. The church as an architectonic body as well as a functionally anchored building imperceptibly travels closer into the consciousness. The church's immediate surroundings are particularly emphasized by the different reflected "sharp" sounds as a space expanded by the architecture. People passing by the large church courtyard or the narrow Parochialstrasse hardly perceive anything out of the ordinary, as the acoustic events of installation and the everyday surroundings become mixed and almost confused. The temporary artistic configuration assimilates with the "natural" local features and becomes a kind of component lecturing on the location."

(positionen, 70, Beiträge zur Neuen Musik, Februar 2007, Melanie Uerlings)

©dyffort & driesch