Punktiertes Ufer (Dotted surroundings)

Alley, Großer Garten, Hannover, 2016

Curator: Carsten Seiffarth

Exhibition "Resonanzen", Herrenhäuser Gärten in cooperation with KunstFestSpielen Herrenhausen




44 control unit install on 44 trees, control unit: piezo-speaker, accu, solarpanel, with programmed rhythm.







‘Dotted surroundings’ is how Roswitha von den Driesch and Jens-Uwe Dyffort describe a series of sound installations in which they interpret places through the careful addition of sounds in order to open up new forms of perception and interpretation. Sensitivity to the qualities of a place, to its history and function, and highlighting its hidden and often forgotten layers of meaning are the central topoi of these works. The term ‘dotted’ refers to both visual and musical composition. Button-sized, black piezo speakers – often installed along given architectural lines – form sporadic optical and visual markings. In Punktiertes Ufer [Dotted Bank], for the Great Garden in Herrenhausen, they are fixed to the trunks of the trees lining the eastern moat for about 400 m. What can be heard are rhythmic sequences of quiet clicking sounds. The repetitive impulses were created purely electronically, yet they recall the noises of insects or birds. Musically they take up the formal principles of Baroque horticulture. Arched rhythmic figures (quick – slow – quick) refer to the strict symmetry of the whole installation; short accents running along the avenue. Reflected by the natural surroundings of water and lawns, the rhythmic forms mix together and subtly blend into the rhythms of the environment as a layer of artistic comment.(Markus Steffens)


© dyffort & driesch